If you’re considering braces, Invisalign, or other teeth-straightening options, you might wonder why you should straighten your teeth in the first place. As experienced dentists, we get this question a lot.

Orthodontic care improves appearances, instilling more confidence and improving self-esteem. Additionally, it enhances the function and comfort of your teeth while chewing and eating. Teeth straightening can also improve health, as it fixes large gaps and holes in your teeth.

However, orthodontic dentistry is entirely up to you. If you want your teeth to look, feel, and perform better, then you should consider braces or other straightening methods. Our dentist may recommend straightening your teeth if we believe it will benefit your oral health.

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The Aesthetics of a Straight Smile

The most common reason people come in for teeth straightening solutions is for appearances. In order to improve self-confidence, many patients desire a straight, aligned smile.

Here at Smile On Dental Studio, we completely understand the effect a straight smile has for our patients. Our goal is to change lives, not change teeth. With orthodontic dentistry, we are able to accomplish our goal by giving our patients the confidence they never knew they had.

Oftentimes, we have patients who start and end their orthodontic journey as completely different people. These patients come in reserved and uncomfortable but leave confident and joyous. That’s why our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Hill, strives for the best orthodontic care.

Straight Teeth for a Healthier Mouth

Many dentists say that braces or Invisalign help your health by preventing tooth loss. Though this isn’t entirely true, it holds truth within it. Straight, aligned teeth definitely make it easier to clean and restore teeth, which, in turn, can prevent tooth loss.

More Comfort for Your Mouth

Unfortunately, we often have patients who come in with uncomfortable or awkward bites. If you have crooked or off-center teeth, it can affect your oral performance. When your teeth are all the same length and aligned, your mouth is much more comfortable.

Many conditions lead to misalignment and unbalanced teeth. These include wear and tear, aging, fillings, and trauma. Proper orthodontic care from Smile On Dental Studio will make your teeth “hit” appropriately once more.

Your Options for Orthodontic Care at Smile On Dental Studio

Though braces are the oldest and most traditional method of orthodontic care, they are still very effective and widely used. With braces, we bond small brackets to your teeth. Then, we use wires to apply force to your teeth and mold your alignment.

Another way to straighten your smile is by using Invisalign. For this method, you will wear a set of invisible aligners for 22 hours a day for a few weeks. When your teeth fit those aligners, we will replace them with a new set. This kind of treatment is faster than braces, only requiring treatment for 6 months to a year.

An even shorter process is Six Month Smiles. With this treatment, our dentist will only move the teeth that are visible in your smile. Leaving the back teeth alone, your smile will be beautifully straight within 6 months or less.

Finally, our neuromuscular dentistry straightens your smile by focusing on the muscles and joints surrounding your teeth. To balance uneven bites, we will restore the muscles in your mouth so they function perfectly.

Your Orthodontic Care in St. Louis

If you want a newly aligned smile for comfort, appearance, or function, schedule an appointment with us. Call Smile On Dental Studio at (314) 678-7876 for our St. Louis dental office or schedule an appointment with Dr. Hill online.