So, you lost a tooth. Maybe you’ve even lost a couple in the past few years. After the initial upset, you quickly rebounded, thinking, my devilish good looks could use at least one small fault. Well, we have bad news for you — your missing teeth don’t just affect your confidence, nor do they only affect your looks. Your teeth, and the placement in which they fall, affects your facial features, the comfort of chewing and speaking, and your speech. Missing teeth could also affect how others perceive you, but that’s a whole different story.

young man in polo shirt smiles, showing off a missing tooth

Your Jaw Alignment

First of all, your jaw relies on your teeth to keep its structure. When you lose one or more teeth, your surrounding teeth often move into the empty space. These leftover teeth become crooked, worn down, and misaligned.

Additionally, with all this movement inside your mouth, your jawbone loses its support system and begins to deteriorate. Unfortunately, an unsupported jaw often leads to jowls and turkey neck, among other facial-diminishing effects. Seeing Dr. Hill to replace your missing teeth will save both your jaw and your good looks!

Keeping Comfort in Mind

Restoring the function of your bite is important to us. When you are missing teeth, you probably experience discomfort or uneasiness when it comes to eating, chewing, or talking. Without complete rows of sparkling white teeth, you may even have to stay away from certain foods you used to love.

Getting dental implants could restore your bite to its former glory. Additionally, FOY® Dentures can actually increase the effectiveness of your bite, making your smile better than ever. You can even get back to enjoying your favorite chewy toffee — as long as you remember to brush afterward!

Missing Teeth & Impaired Speech

Depending on which teeth you are missing, you could be speaking with a lisp, whistling unintentionally, or develop odd speaking patterns. Though it may sound silly, these issues are awfully frustrating and can worsen over time. To improve your speech and your smile, visit us at Smile On Dental Studio for a consultation.

Your Dentist in St. Louis

When we say we want to help, we mean it. As dentists, our goal is to improve both the function and aesthetics of your smile. In other words, we want you to have a full, beautiful, bright smile once again. To schedule an appointment with Smile On Dental Studio, visit our website or call us at (314) 678-7876.