The holidays are a great time to kick back and relax. Unfortunately, weight gain is one of the biggest health changes we see during the holiday season. However, an often overlooked issue is improper dental hygiene.

With family gatherings, office parties, and shopping until we drop, a dental nightmare is the last thing you need. Even if you enjoy seeing us, your dentist probably isn’t who you want to spend quality time with. Steer clear of Smile On Dental Studio this holiday season (unless you’re due for an appointment or have a dental emergency) by following these simple tooth care tips.

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1. Make Sure You Are Up To Date With Your General Cleanings

Routine checkups are pertinent to your oral health. If you want to have a fun holiday, tooth pain is off the menu. With lots of candies, cakes, and ice creams, cavities will cause you a lot of pain. Schedule routine checkups before or after the holiday season to keep your teeth healthy. If you need any cavities filled, hurry in to fill them!

With all the excitement, your dental hygiene might fall to the wayside. In addition to dental cleanings, keep up with your regular dental routine. Brush your teeth at least two times a day for two minutes each, sometimes more if your diet is heavy on sugars. Save time for flossing, too! It’s an effective way to prevent gum disease, which is more likely to occur with the sugary buildup from the holidays.

2. Choose What You Eat Carefully

The holidays are full of candy canes, cookies, and spiked ciders. That’s why you should choose your sugary and acidic treats carefully. If you eat excessive amounts of sugar and acid, your teeth will decay.

Holiday candies, though delicious, have very negative effects on our teeth. Crunching on hard candies leads to cracked or chipped teeth, which requires restorative dentistry. Chewy candies bring more tooth troubles with sticky substances clinging to tooth enamel. Caramel and taffy can even pull out carefully placed fillings.

Sugary debris, another evil, leads to bacteria. Then, bacteria weaken your teeth, resulting in tooth decay. Instead of grabbing the sugary sweets this season, reach for the dark chocolate instead. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, is less likely to damage your teeth and gives you a boost in antioxidants.

3. Don’t Open Things With Your Teeth

This one’s common sense. Still, we often don’t listen to our intuition. Prying open bottles and cracking nuts will chip or break your teeth. The key to keeping your teeth healthy this holiday season is by staying smart.

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