If you snore at night or have ever listened to someone snore, you might wonder why it sometimes sounds different. That’s because several different types of snoring can occur. While all snoring is an indicator that your body can’t breathe smoothly, the different types of snoring can tell you what the cause is. At Smile On Dental Studio, we’re here to help you understand the underlying causes of snoring and provide you with effective snoring treatment in St. Louis.

Nose-Based Snoring

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One of the first types of snoring is nose-based snoring. Nose based snoring is a result of blocked nostrils. The blocked nostrils are a result of a deviated septum, allergies, cold or flu, taking certain types of medications, or smoking. If you find your nose to feel stuffy at night, it’s important to understand why it’s clogged. Once you figure out the cause, you can treat it accordingly. Taking allergy medication, quitting smoking, doing a nasal rinse, using nose strips, or getting corrective surgery for your deviated septum can alleviate snoring.

Mouth-Based Snoring

Another type of snoring is mouth-based snoring. Mouth-based snoring occurs when someone breathes through their mouth instead of their nose while they sleep. It’s usually caused by enlarged tonsils, blocked nasal passages, or weak palatal tissue. If you can’t breathe through your nose when you sleep, your body automatically breathes through the mouth instead. Resolving the cause of mouth breathing can stop you from snoring. For instance, getting your tonsils removed can help.

Tongue-Based Snoring

If your tongue gets too relaxed while you sleep, it can result in tongue-based snoring. When the tongue becomes too relaxed, it can block the airway. This usually occurs in people who drink alcohol, have excessive neck fat, use sleep medication, or sleep on their backs. By simply cutting out alcohol, losing weight, discontinuing sleep medication, or sleeping on your side, you can resolve your snoring habit. Oral appliance therapy is also incredibly beneficial to those who suffer from tongue-based snoring.

Throat-Based Snoring

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Throat based snoring is the loudest type of snoring you will hear and it’s usually also the most dangerous. Throat snoring is usually a strong indicator of sleep apnea. When you have sleep apnea, you stop breathing at night due to an obstruction in your airway. When you stop breathing, your body begins to choke or cough to open your airway and allow you to breathe again. This vicious cycle known as apnea can occur hundreds of times throughout the night. As a result, you will snore and not get a solid night of quality sleep.

The obstruction is usually the tissue in the back of your throat collapsing as you sleep. When it collapses, air can’t flow freely through.  Without sleep apnea treatment, the condition can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, and many other serious problems.

Get Sleep Apnea and Snoring Treatment in St. Louis

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