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Look Younger Than Your Age with a Non-Surgical Facelift

Age comes for us all, and it seems that the last few years have taken a heavier toll than average. If you’re like many of us and are noticing a few more wrinkles every time you look in the mirror, you might be considering ways to restore your youthful appearance.  One approach to looking [...]

Gum Contouring Myths: Abolished

Being proud to show off your smile is important. That’s why with cosmetic dentistry, you can achieve straight, pearly white teeth that are without damage and adequately shaped. There are various cosmetic procedures you can choose from, and one such procedure is gum contouring. {{{{link id='50581' text='Gum contouring' esc_html='false'}}}} is for people [...]

Is It Magic or Just Veneers?

As cosmetic dentists, we are not afraid to say how much we love veneers. Now, why do we love these {{{{link id='50571' text='thin sheaths of porcelain'}}}}?  Well, veneers are more than just tooth-colored pieces of ceramic to us. These smile enhancements actually give people the confidence to start a new relationship or get that [...]

Missing Teeth Don’t Just Affect Your Confidence

So, you lost a tooth. Maybe you’ve even lost a couple in the past few years. After the initial upset, you quickly rebounded, thinking, my devilish good looks could use at least one small fault. Well, we have bad news for you -- your missing teeth don’t just affect your confidence, nor [...]

How Do Celebrities Have the Most Beautiful, White Smiles?

Have you ever wondered why celebs always have the brightest smiles? For example, Rachel McAdams, while dancing in the rain, will turn around and flash those dazzling teeth, lighting up your tv. When you sit down and watch that classic scene, do you ever get jealous of those beautiful whites and aligned smile? If that [...]

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