Look Younger and Improve Your Smile – a Facelift Without the Surgery

It’s common for denture wearers to have sunken, or sagging facial features because of their dentures. If this is you, Dr. Chris Hill of Smile On Dental Studio can help you improve your smile and also your appearance with one simple procedure: Fountain of Youth Dentures®. Dr. Hill has specialty training working with Fountain of Youth Dentures® to give his patients the best smile of their lives.

The Denture Fountain of Youth® stabilizes the jaw muscles to improve the fit of dentures and to create a more youthful appearance. Through techniques of neuromuscular dentistry and advanced science, FOY® Dentures reposition your jaw to lift the lower portion of your face. Not only will they lift your face, but also fill out your lips and the area around your mouth to smooth out wrinkles and add volume where you need it.

Just like that, you will shave ten years off your appearance. If you want to look younger, improve your smile and replace missing teeth, discover what FOY® Dentures can do for you. Please call (314) 678-7876 or email us today for an appointment with St. Louis denture dentist Dr. Chris Hill.

Why Do Dentures Cause a Sunken Facial Appearance?

You might wonder why dentures cause a sunken face to begin with. This is because traditional dentures don’t do anything to remedy the effects of bone loss.

When you no longer have tooth roots in your jaw, there is no longer a need for bone mass in the area. Without tooth roots, the bone mass begins to deplete. Once it depletes, it causes your face to become sunken. FOY® Dentures have actually been specifically developed to combat this problem.

Denture Fountain of Youth from Smile On Dental Studio in Clayton

Neuromuscular Dentistry with the Denture Fountain of Youth®

So how do FOY® Dentures help you look younger? To start, they use neuromuscular dentistry. Neuromuscular dentistry works to give you an optimal alignment of your bite by working with jaw joints and related soft tissue. Dr. Chris Hill helps our patients achieve their optimal muscle relaxation and function through his knowledge and training of the neuromuscular dimensions of the mouth to construct FOY® Dentures. The dentures give our patients stable and relaxed muscles that result in better fitting dentures that provide optimal facial support and function.

Look Younger with the Denture Fountain of Youth

Skip your visit to the plastic surgeon for a facelift and visit Dr. Chris Hill in St. Louis instead. With FOY® Dentures you can look years younger while also achieving a beautiful smile that allows you to eat normally once again. Experience the following benefits with FOY® Dentures:

  • Improved underlying facial support
  • Plumper lips
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Reduced jowls
  • Reduced turkey neck
  • Improved jawline
  • Better chewing
  • Better fit than all the other dentures
If FOY® Dentures sound like the right solution for your missing teeth, it’s time to schedule a consultation with our dentist to see if they are the right treatment option for you.

FOY® Dentures and Dental Implants

If you want to take your FOY® Dentures treatment one step further, consider using them with dental implants. Dental implants can secure your Fountain of Youth Dentures in place to allow you to have natural feeling teeth that look great. Dental implants help patients eat normally with the security of knowing their restoration won’t become loose or fall out at the wrong time. If you’re interested in securing your FOY® Dentures with dental implants, we will need to confirm that you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Good candidates need to have sufficient bone mass in their jaw; otherwise, a bone graft is required. We will need to place several dental implants in the jaw to hold the FOY® Dentures in place. Once they are placed, you will have secure, non-removable teeth that feel, chew, and look just like real teeth.

To learn more about the Denture Fountain of Youth®, or our other restorative dentistry options, please call (314) 678-7876 or email us to schedule an appointment today.

Denture Fountain of Youth Before
Denture Fountain of Youth After
female patient before Denture Fountain of Youth®
female patient after Denture Fountain of Youth®
Denture Fountain of Youth®
female patient after Denture Fountain of Youth®