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General Dentistry St. Louis

The foundation for a healthy and beautiful smile is good oral health. Fortunately, at Smile On Dental Studio, we focus on general dentistry which involves maintaining and restoring the health of your teeth. General dentistry consists of all areas of preventive and restorative dentistry. We highly recommend that our patients visit us every 6 months for the best results. If you’re overdue for a dental exam or want to learn more about our general and dentistry options, please contact Smile On Dental Studio in St. Louis for an appointment with Dr. Chris Hill by calling (314) 678-7876. Take a look at our different general dentistry options below.

Preventative Dentistry

To achieve the healthiest smile of your life, it’s important to focus on all aspects of general and preventive dentistry. Invest in the future of your oral health by practicing good oral hygiene at home and by visiting us every 6 months for a dental exam and cleaning. With these tips in mind, your smile is well on its way to being healthy for life.

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Oral Cancer Screening

During your dental exams with us at Smile On Dental Studio, we not only take our time to remove plaque and tartar and examine your teeth for other problems, but we also complete an oral cancer screening. Any subtle changes in the lining of your mouth can indicate a bigger problem. If we see anything noteworthy, we will take a biopsy. Detecting oral cancer early on saves many lives over the years. Our dentist and team are trained to recognize signs of abnormalities in your oral tissue.

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Oral Hygiene

Who doesn’t love the feeling of your teeth after a dental cleaning? After we polish your teeth, nothing quite compares to the glossy smooth surface of your teeth. Our dental hygienist performs dental cleanings to give you optimal dental health that goes far beyond just a smooth shiny surface. With regular dental cleanings, our hygienists remove bacterial deposits like tartar and plaque that often lead to tooth decay. This also helps prevent gum disease and gives you fresh breath. Oral hygiene is a critical component of preventive dentistry. Make sure to never skip a dental cleaning for best results.

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Adult’s Dentistry

Unfortunately, not all adults take proper care of their teeth. It’s more important than ever to visit the dentist when you’re an adult so your teeth stay healthy. Adult dentistry at Smile On Dental Studio helps our St. Louis patients understand the causes of dental problems. We create a personalized dental care routine to keep your teeth looking healthy and great.

Adult Dentistry St. Louis

Ortho Screenings

Although a straight smile looks beautiful, it actually helps your teeth stay healthy. If you or your child is in need of braces or another orthodontic treatment, our team at Smile On Dental Studio is happy to provide you with an ortho screening, even for young children. We often monitor children’s teeth early on to determine if they will need braces later. We’re committed to providing optimal healthcare for all ages of your family.

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Restorative Dentistry

Teeth that have suffered from extensive decay, trauma, wear, or simply just need help cosmetically can benefit from our restorative dentistry treatments. We also offer a variety of tooth replacement options.

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Say goodbye to unsightly metal fillings. At Smile On Dental Studio, we help fill cavities and restore small areas of teeth using composite fillings. Larger cavities benefit from ceramic fillings (inlays and onlays). Your restoration will look completely natural while also protecting your teeth and restoring its strength. We are happy to provide a mercury-free solution.

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Dental Crowns

Sometimes dental damage or decay becomes severe enough to require a dental crown to restore a tooth back to full health and function. Dental crowns are a perfect solution to restore the strength, function, and cosmetics back to a tooth while protecting the natural tooth underneath. We also use crowns to replace missing teeth with dental implants or bridges.

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Root Canal Therapy

Once a tooth becomes infected, it either needs to be extracted or have a root canal performed on it. We prefer to give our patients root canals so they can preserve their natural teeth for as long as possible. Visit us for a root canal to restore the health and function of your natural tooth so you don’t need to have it extracted.

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Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease can harm your oral health as well as your overall health. Symptoms can be subtle at first, but by the time they’re obvious, the risks are serious.  Visit our dentist for gum disease treatment to eliminate the infection and protect your health from additional harm.

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Looking For General Dentistry?

If you’re looking for a dentist in St. Louis that offers a wide variety of general dentistry  treatments, visit our general dentist, Dr. Chris Hill at Smile On Dental Studio in Richmond Heights, MO. Please (314) 678-7876 today for an appointment.

One of the benefits of visiting a general dentist is the large variety of treatments available. General dentistry at Smile On Dental Studio can help you maintain a healthy smile for life. Contact us today to schedule your next preventive or restorative procedure.

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