What are Dental Onlays?

Think of a dental onlay as a partial crown. Instead of covering your entire tooth, it just covers part of it. Dr. Hill custom makes your onlay with full ceramic material colored to match your tooth’s natural color. The restoration blends in seamlessly with your natural tooth for a beautiful finish. Dental onlays are extremely durable and long-lasting. Once Dr. Hill bonds it to your tooth, you don’t have to worry about it for years.

Why Use a Dental Onlay?

There are a few reasons why you might need an onlay. Although a dental crown provides more protection and strength, it’s not always necessary to cover your entire tooth, and it costs more. Dental onlays are more ideal for teeth that don’t have excessive damage. Common reasons you might need an onlay are to cover damage from cavities, trauma, heavy bite forces or wear to the tooth. Onlays also work great for covering small fractures on your tooth. Onlays also help repair fractured fillings, cover large fillings and even provide cosmetic enhancement.
Another reason to opt for a dental onlay instead of a crown is that onlays require little to no tooth prep for placement. Dental crowns on the other hand, usually require the removal of small amounts of your teeth.

Benefits of Onlays

The top reasons to consider dental onlays are because they offer benefits like they are:[lca_li]Less expensive than dental crowns[/lca_li] [lca_li]Require little to no tooth prep[/lca_li] [lca_li]Look natural[/lca_li] [lca_li]Last longer than fillings[/lca_li] [lca_li]Give your tooth extra strength and support[/lca_li] [lca_li]Completed in one visit[/lca_li]

If dental onlays in St. Louis sound like the perfect treatment for your smile, don’t hesitate to give Dr. Hill a call to schedule a consultation. We use a CEREC machine in our office to create your onlay the same day as your appointment. Please call Dr. Chris Hill in Richmond Heights, MO at (314) 678-7876 or email us to request an appointment.

Example of Dental Onlays
Dental Onlays in St. Louis
Dental Onlays in St. Louis
Dental Onlays in St. Louis