Full Dentures

The most common type of traditional dentures is full dentures. Full dentures are removable teeth replacements that can replace an entire jaw of teeth. The false teeth are generally attached to a base designed to look like your natural gums. These then fit over the arch of your gums that used to support your natural teeth. Dr. Chris Hill can place the dentures on either the top or bottom jaw, or both to replace your missing teeth. They are easily held in place using suction from between the roof or floor of your mouth and the denture base. The roof of your mouth has more room for suction so it’s possible that your upper dentures feel more secure than your bottom ones.

female dentist holding a pair of traditional dentures

Partial Dentures

When you only need to replace a section of missing teeth, partial dentures come into play. Partials also use the floor or roof of your mouth for suction to create stabilization for your restorations. They also use hooks and clasps on the adjacent teeth for additional stabilization.

Benefits of Traditional Dentures

Although dentures have a bad reputation, modern dentures are actually great. With advanced technology, Dr. Hill can create dentures that fit and look better than ever before. Living with a smile without teeth or with missing teeth can take a toll on your self-esteem. Full and partials help you restore your smile so you can feel more attractive. With Dr. Hill’s cosmetic touch, he’s able to ensure that your dentures look completely natural and complement your face. You don’t have to worry that your dentures will look too big or unattractive.

Another major benefit of dentures is that they restore the functionality back to your mouth. Once you get used to wearing them, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods again. Start with softer foods and then work your way up to foods that require biting into or hard foods.

As far as the benefits of partial dentures go, you can expect them to preserve the spacing of your natural teeth. This means you don’t have to worry about your teeth shifting because you have a few missing teeth. This helps preserve your bite and keep your natural teeth in place.

Traditional dentures also do not require surgery and are a cost-effective solution. Most dental insurance plans will help you pay for them. Dr. Hill only needs to take impressions of your teeth to create a brand new smile for you.

Limitations of Traditional Dentures

Before you commit to traditional dentures, it’s important to understand their limitations. Some patients complain that it’s difficult to chew or bite properly while others complain they’re uncomfortable to wear. Dr. Hill will ensure your dentures fit you correctly so that they can fit properly and feel comfortable to wear. Over time, you may need to have some adjustments made to ensure they still fit,

If you feel unhappy with your traditional dentures over time, you might want to consider implant-supported dentures or Denture Fountain of Youth. These options keep your dentures in place so you can eat, speak, and smile confidently. Although these options are more costly, many patients prefer them because they feel more natural.

Despite the few tiny limitations of dentures, they’re still a great option for replacing your teeth. If you would like to discuss your options with Dr. Hill at Smile On Dental Studio in Richmond Heights, MO, please call (314) 678-7876 or email us to schedule an appointment.