Why Choose Braces

Although braces are an old technology, they’re not outdated. Even with all of the different orthodontic treatments available today, none of them can quite compete with the power of traditional braces. Over time, people will continue to tweak orthodontic procedures with new high tech variants like Six Months Smiles or Invisalign. When it comes down to is, the best treatment for you is the one that will accomplish your goals. Here’s why you should choose braces in St. Louis.

Power: Since brackets are bonded to the teeth and use metal archwires to apply force, braces can deliver more raw power than any other orthodontic treatment. This allows difficult movement to take place, especially with large molars in the back of the mouth.

Control: Over the past few centuries, different techniques have been developed to achieve any type of tooth movement deemed necessary. This allows us to move teeth in the exact direction with the exact amount of force we want. This makes achieving our goals that much easier.

Predictability: With centuries of experience, there’s no more guessing what’s going to happen next. We can predict your treatment and final results with amazing accuracy.

Flexibility: Any type of tooth movement is easy to accomplish. Other orthodontic options can’t handle difficult movements with such ease.

Young man after complete traditional braces treatment

Drawbacks of Orthodontics

Unfortunately, traditional braces have a few drawbacks you won’t find with other treatments. These drawbacks are generally what persuade patients to choose other orthodontic options in St. Louis.

Appearance: There’s no way to hide your orthodontic treatment. Your teeth will have visible brackets and wires throughout the entire duration of your treatment that many patients find unfavorable, especially adults.

Discomfort: Braces aren’t the most comfortable treatment. To start, the brackets and wires can feel scratchy against your cheeks, lips, and tongue. It’s possible to experience cuts in your mouth from them. In addition, the force may feel incredibly uncomfortable after each wire adjustment.

Hygiene: Keeping your teeth clean and brackets and wires free of food debris or plaque is difficult when you have braces. We recommend using an electric toothbrush and rinsing your mouth well after each meal. It’s not uncommon for patients to end up with a cavity or gum disease during their treatment.

Diet: With braces, your food choices become a little more limited. Say goodbye to anything hard, crunchy or chewy. Eating the wrong foods can result in debris getting stuck in your braces or even breaking a bracket.

Due to the number of drawbacks of braces, many patients opt for Invisalign treatment as an alternative. Dr. Chris Hill is happy to evaluate your smile to recommend the best orthodontic treatment to meet your needs and accomplish your goals.

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