St. Louis Dentist Dr. David CappettaAfter over 30 years in practice, Dr. David Cappetta is retiring!  Dr. Cappetta built his dental practice based on relationships and prioritizing patient care.  He has enjoyed a rewarding career as one of St. Louis’s top dental providers.  Known for his innovative and comfortable approach to delivering general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry, Dr. David T Cappetta has cared for thousands of St. Louis smiles during his career..   

Dr. Cappetta obtained his dental degree from Southern Illinois University-School of Dental Medicine in 1989 and was awarded membership to Omicron Kappa Upsilon, an honors fraternity recognizing outstanding clinical and academic achievements.  Dr. Cappetta is a member of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Dental Association, and the Greater St. Louis Dental Society.  He has also served as a clinical instructor at SIU-SDM in the fixed prosthodontic department.  In 1997, he established the Laser Whitening Institute and the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, a state-of-the-art facility located in the University Club Tower in Richmond Heights, MO.  In 2022, Dr. Cappetta joined the existing dental practices of Dr. Christopher Hill and they have been working together since then to help patients achieve their smile goals.  

As he moves on to the next chapter, Dr. Cappetta is looking forward to spending time with his daughters and his many friends.  He will be traveling, hiking, and has plans to see and do exciting things in his Airstream!  

Dr. Cappetta is a truly beloved doctor and friend to his patients, evident from the outpouring of gratitude he has received from patients since he announced his retirement plans.  He spent several years working through his retirement plans and he is confident he found an ideal successor in Dr. Hill and his experienced dental team.  Please join us in wishing Dr. Cappetta well as he embarks on his next chapter!

Wishing you the best, in your Airstream!! Becky Finch

It just won’t be the same without your Smile.   I pray for happiness in your new endeavor.   God has given so many gifts…kindness and compassion and more.  – Jackie Biondo

Congratulations David,
We appreciate you, and have alway been impressed how nice you are to us, and just as importantly to your employee. Your a good guy, you deserve a little time off to enjoy your life.
– Jim and Laurie Meiners

Dear Dr. Cappetta,
While I’m exceedingly happy for you, I know I will miss seeing you. Let me express my deep gratitude for the excellent care I have received through many, many years. You and your staff are incomparable. No exaggeration. 
I wish you the very best and all blessings as you write the next “chapter.”
-Sister Mercy

Congratulations on your “transition” to retirement!!  We sincerely thank you for your kind and professional care you have given Pam and me throughout the years. Relax, travel, and most of all, enjoy !!!
Take care, -Don and Pam Edson

Congratulations on retirement
More golf!!!!!
Enjoy! -Tina Weir 

Congratulations on a long, and successful, dental practice and career.  We go back a long time together – back to the location across from the Chesterfield Mall.  I will be coming in later this month – plan to thank you in person then.  Thanks for your excellent care for myself and our Family.
-Bob Lutter


Over the years we have come to know this amazing, nice person.  All of us now have really strong and beautiful teeth.  We cannot thank you enough for taking care of such an important part of our health care.  We will for sure miss the gentle way you took care of all members of the Downs family.
All the best to you and your family.
– Charlie Downs

I first visited Dr. Cappetta’s office in 2014 at the recommendation of a colleague. It was obvious from my initial appointment that his practice was a special place, where the people were kind, the atmosphere was comfortable, and the service was exceptional. My family and I have been patients ever since and feel so grateful for the many years he’s taken care of us. We wish him all the best in retirement. With gratitude, Nate McNulty

Dave is the absolute best.  Great dentist and all around great guy.  His success is well earned and perpetuated.  Wishing him all the best and proud to call him my friend!  Warner

Dr. Cappetta,
Congratulations on your retirement! I’ve been a patient since 2007 and dare I say I enjoyed visits to the dentist! Thank you for removing and replacing my tooth a few years ago. I knew you would fix my smile with no problems. I hope you can explore all of the new ventures in life, and I hope to see you at one of my shows and on the pickleball courts! 
Thank you for everything,
Rob Durham

Dear Dr. Cappetta, 
We wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional care and expertise you have provided to each of us over the years. Your dedication to our dental health has made a significant impact on our lives, and we are truly grateful. 
Your professionalism, kindness, and the personal attention you have given us have made every visit to your office a comfortable and reassuring experience. Your skill has been evident in the positive results and improved oral health we have all experienced under your care. 
As you embark on this well-deserved retirement, please know that your legacy will be remembered fondly by all of us. You have not only been our dentist but also a trusted friend. We will miss your warm smile and reassuring presence. Wishing you all the best in this new chapter of your life, Dr. Cappetta. May your retirement be filled with happiness, relaxation, and new adventures. You have earned it. 
With sincere gratitude and warm regards, 
Alda, Mark, Dhanai, and Alqi

Dr Cappetta, I’m glad Lynn Majewski referred me to you, you’ve been taking care of my dental care ever since. Congratulations on your retirement and hope you enjoy it!
Tim Webb 

Dave –
You’ve made a good life with your chosen career as a Dentist.  You started your practice from scratch, and it has grown into a very successful enterprise!
You should be very proud of your accomplishments as we are very proud of you!
Now, it’s time to move onto new adventures and enjoy your well-deserved retirement!
Love, Dad & Linda

We have been among Dave’s patients since 1989, so we have many stories we could share!  What follows is one that exemplifies one of the many reasons we followed him from an office a mile away from our home to the “University Club Tower”.
Waking up early one Saturday morning, Bill was experiencing severe pain.  We called the on-call number provided for emergencies, which, of course, was Dave’s.  He met Bill at the office. 
Got Bill settled in the chair…bib, neck pillow, and placed a mat on Bill’s chest. He lined up the tools he needed on the mat on Bill’s chest and proceeded to fix the problem.  He cleaned up and they both went on to enjoy the weekend. 
Dave, we thank you for your friendship and for taking care of us for all these years.  It has been a pleasure to watch your successful career.  While we are sad to see you move on, we are excited for you as you begin this next life chapter.
We wish you the very best and hope to see you on the golf course!
With all good wishes,
Ann & Bill Prenatt

Dearest Dr. Cappetta

Dr. Cappetta this is Rita Parris and I know that you remember me I was always fearful of the dentist but I had always made many trips to a dentist office but never one like with you. You always made it very pleasant and even though I dreaded it. It was not near as bad as what I had anticipated. He was very kind and gentle, and just a wonderful person and I considered you my friend. I had quite a bit of dental work done in your office and hopefully I wanted to have you do one more set of teeth for me before he retired. I thought I would end up with implants, but here you are , turning your practice over to someone who I hope is near is the same as you a very nice person so I guess I’ll share that experience with him. I’m gonna miss you and I can’t tell you what a pleasure it has been to be your patient my friend. Enjoy your retirement  and have a wonderful rest of your life. I am so happy that you get to retire at such a young age. 
Thank you again, 
Rita Parris

Dr. Cappetta,
This is going to be hard to beat… because of you, we have a family!  All thanks to your working relationship with Justin, and coming to Dallas for the E4D- Justin and I met!  We will be married 10 years next year, and have 2 incredible boys.  Justin always enjoyed calling on you, and later golfing with you.  I have had the best experiences with you with my Invisalign and routine dental care.  You will always be a part of our story, and we are forever thankful!  Happy retirement!
Justin and Anne Haupt

Dr Cappetta, thank you for taking such good care of my smile for 25 years. You were always gentle and painless. Best wishes on your new endeavor!
Mary Krchma

Dr. Cappetta,
Having you as our family dentist for these many years has been a blessing.  You and your staff have taken great care on our dental needs, Dana’s needs, and the needs of Warren and Pauline in their later years.  We’ve always appreciated your caring approach and the time spent explaining our options and your recommendations.  Plus we’ve had full confidence in your ability to do excellent work.
But, there’s still time to reconsider.  Retirement isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be.  OK, to be honest, it’s better than you probably imagine!
Wishing you all the best in your retirement.  And remember, we live right around the corner from your Dad.  We hope you’ll take us up on our offer to stop by on your next bike ride or whenever you have time.
Kindest regards,
Kent and Kris Goddard

Dr. Capetta:
I wish you well in your next chapter. I will miss you. You always made sitting in your dentistry chair a pleasant experience. 
I hope your days are filled with the beautiful smiles of your own that you will share with friends and loved ones.
All the best, Mary Elizabeth  

We have known each other many many years, and I don’t remember one time that you didn’t smile or laugh. My favorite memory is my teeth, which changed my whole life, and allowed me to smile like you. You are a great dentist, and always treated your employees and patients like gold. Good luck, and keep in touch!
Jim Meiners

Dr. Cappetta,
Thank you so much for taking care of me, my wife Pam, and our family for these many years.  You have consistently provided us with not only great dental care, but with friendship and kindness.  Our family includes our daughter and son-in-law Kristen and Tony Zivic, grandsons Jake and Sam Zivic, daughter Jennifer Dunn, granddaughter Emmy Dunn and grandson William Dunn.  We look forward to working with Dr. Hill, but you will always be “our dentist” !!!!!
Now go grab the keys to your R V and take off on your new adventures and enjoy !!!!!!!!
Sincerely, Don and Pam Edson (and family)

I only have one regret from our many years together:  we spent too much time extolling the benefits of retirement.  I wish we had kept quiet about how much fun we were having  traveling, playing golf and enjoying the outdoors.  Maybe if we had you would still be our dentist.
We will miss you!  Can’t believe we actually enjoyed going to the dentist.  Enjoy your travels around the country in your truck and airstream.
Fondly,  Mike and Arlue Briggs

Dear Dr. Cappetta,
We’re very sorry if we actually did put the idea of retirement in your head! But also very glad that you’re getting to live out your dreams. 
From the first day we somewhat suspiciously met with you after bad experiences with other dentists, we were blown away with your professionalism, modern practice and, above all, kindness. Your staff reflected your leadership; all of you couldn’t have made us feel more at ease and like we were in the right hands. Over all these years, that feeling never stopped, through crowns and cleanings, friendship and fillings. I can’t tell you how delighted we were to finally convince my dad and stepmother to transfer from their dentist to you; Pat still tells me that I should have been more forceful about it so that they would have done so earlier!
We often joked that if we moved out of St. Louis that we would fly back for our dental checkups because we liked and trusted you that much. When I told you that once, you said, “Oh, I have a few people who do that,” and we were not at all surprised! Now we are left feeling a bit bereft, not only that you won’t be our dentist, but also that we won’t get to see your cheery face a couple of times a year. To console ourselves, we will forever imagine you in your Airstream, parked in a beautiful place.
We wish you nothing but the best for the future: adventure, love, enrichment, family, friends and joy. But gosh, we will so, so miss you! 
Onward! Your friends, Liz & Daryl McQuinn

First let me start by saying no one looks forward to a dental appointment but when your dentist is Dr. Cappetta tall, dark, and handsome it certainly helps
That being said: Work doesn’t stop just because you left the office. This is just the beginning of your new job promotion. Flexible hours, weekdays off, traveling, etc.
Enjoy your retirement 
Oh, I almost forgot. Kena and I always managed to get my teeth cleaned and get caught up with the last 6 months ( we have plenty of practice at least 20 yrs) you know I taught myself ventriloquism
Bev Koob 

My kids and I have been patients of Dr. Cappetta for almost 8 years now. After several years of dreading going to the dentist as an adult, I consider us very fortunate to have stumbled upon his practice after a recommendation from a friend.
The first time I came into his practice, he helped me address the damage from a naive decision I made as a teenager to get a tongue ring. He was/is such a PRO! Dr. Cappetta and his entire team have alleviated any fear of the dentist. He’s always been incredibly empathetic and more than willing to talk thru the best approach.
I wish him SO, SO, SO much fun on this stage of his life. He’s been so a great advocate for so many patients. I have no doubt his next adventure will be incredible. Thank you so much for your care. You’ve been nothing short of amazing!
– Linda, Blakeman & Amelia Thurman

When my husband and I moved to St. Louis in 2019 I was in the middle of some dental work involving an implant. I assured the oral surgeon in Cincinnati, Dr. Parker, that I would keep driving back so he could complete the whole process. He, in turn, assured me that would not be necessary. He would find me the best possible person in St. Louis to complete the work. I don’t know (or at least don’t remember) what channels he went through or who he asked, but Dr. Cappetta is the name he came up with. So the work was successfully completed and my husband and I are still patients there. This still involves a certain level of commitment, since we have to drive there from St. Albans! But, we certainly did not want to give up a relationship with “the best” in St. Louis.
Thanks so much,
Gail Roberts

Dear Dr. Cappetta,
Thanks for taking such good care of me all these many years. Enjoy your retirement.
I’ll remember your smile every time I smile,
Sidney Watson  

Dear Dr. Cappetta,
Thank you so much for helping me keep my mouth in such great
working order! I am aware of how much it affects the rest of my health,
and appreciate all the expertise you have, doing all of your work in such
fine fashion!
I am very happy for you to continue your journey in life with time to
engage in your favorite sports, travel, visit with friends and enjoy
family. There is actually nothing better in life! I am sure you will find,
like the rest of us retirees, that you will be busier in retirement than
you were when working.
Thanks again for being such a caring, loving, considerate practitioner!
Christine West

I have been a patient of Dr Cappetta’s for 14 years and without a doubt, he is not only the best dentist, he one of the best human beings I have ever known. 
Dr. Cappetta’s skill as a dental practitioner is rivaled only by his care, compassion and kindness.
I wish Dr. Cappetta much happiness on this next leg of his journey; a well-deserved new chapter. Wishing for health, peace of mind and soul, and awareness of all the ways he has touched so many people.
Be well, Dr. Cappetta; safe travels. Sending a big farewell hug…
Diana Arand

“Cheers, big smiles, and congratulations on your retirement Dr Cappetta! Thank you for your gentle and thoughtful care for our family over many year, and for your friendship, too. We wish you fun adventures and safe travels in the coming years!
Jana, Kevin, Annie, John, Claire Hunt”

Dr. Cappetta,
I would personally like to congratulate you on your next chapter, I know you’re reluctant to use the word retirement.  It has been a true pleasure working along side you creating smiles and memories.Your expertise, creativity, patience, passion and leadership toward your patients and team is something that will not be forgotten. The relationships you have developed over the years is nothing short of extraordinary and I know you will be greatly missed.  I wish you nothing but the best in all your travels and future endeavors. 
Best Wishes, Ashley Mooney