At Smile On Dental Studio, we understand that many of our patients might have questions about our dental practice or specific procedures. To help our patients get the answers they need in a timely manner, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions with answers from our dentists. If your question was not answered, feel free to contact our dental office for more information.

Can I get my treatment done under sedation?

Yes! We understand that not every patient feels comfortable or relaxed when they visit the dentist. Whether you suffer from dental anxiety, have a strong gag reflex, find it difficult to sit for long periods, or have a different reason for feeling uncomfortable at the dentist, we have several different sedation dentistry options available. We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation (pill), and NuCalm (drug-free). Depending on your needs, we will help you choose the best option to keep you relaxed during your entire appointment. When scheduling your appointment, please let us know if you’re interested in using sedation dentistry so we can discuss your options beforehand.

Can I get all of my dental work done in 1 or 2 visits?

Yes! If you need multiple dental procedures, we can arrange to complete them in as few visits as possible. Most patients only require one to two visits for certain treatments. Some patients might even be able to get everything done in one visit. Thanks to sedation dentistry, we can make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable during your entire appointment when you have multiple procedures in one sitting.

How do I know what my final smile will look like if I get veneers?

During your consultation with Dr. Hill, he will show you a digital image of what your smile will look like with veneers. Creating digital images beforehand can help him plan your treatment to ensure your results look exactly how you want them to.

What is physiologic based dentistry?

Physiologic based dentistry, otherwise known as neuromuscular dentistry, is an area of dentistry that focuses on every aspect related to your bite (jaw joint and position) including ligaments, nerves, teeth, bones, and other soft and hard tissues. Most procedures we offer include some aspects of physiologic based dentistry in one way or another. For example, if you were to get a dental crown, we would make sure that the crown’s fit doesn’t cause an imbalance in your bite. If your bite was already off, we would provide you with treatments to correct this issue. The goal of physiologic based dentistry is to establish proper balance and harmony in the entire system related to your bite.

If my gums are unhealthy, what are the implications?

Simply stated, gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss. Once your gums become unhealthy, gum disease begins to form. Without gum disease treatment, the infection in the gums can cause bone loss and loose teeth. Eventually, your teeth will either need extractions or fall out. With that said we highly recommend that our patients keep up a good oral hygiene regimen at home and never skip their biannual cleaning and dental exam. The sooner we can catch gum disease, the sooner we can stop it in its tracks with treatment before it causes permanent damage and tooth loss.

Have More Questions?

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