"I have been to a lot of dentists and orthodontists in three different states and I can honestly say Smile On Dental Studio provides the best experience! Filling out paperwork online is such a nice convenience. The option of having text message appointment reminders is also a lot better than the standard cards dental offices hand out. I’d highly recommend checking out Smile On Dental Studio if you’re interested in improving your teeth aesthetically."

- Scott S.

"I was very pleased with my first visit to Smile On Dental Studio. I was treated very warmly by all members of the team. I felt that Dr. Hill was very willing to spend time with me and thoroughly go over all of the various options available to me. The process never felt rushed and in no way did I feel uncomfortable throughout the process. I was really impressed with Dr. Hill and his staff for their level of professionalism and courtesy."

- Dave J.

"The staff and Service is always excellent"

- Terry N.

"Smile On Dental Studio is great! Couldn’t ask for a better dental experience."

- Ben M.

"Definitely the best dentist in the midwest! Every experience has truly been a delight. Talented and dedicated staff."

- Jared S.

"Your office sets the standard for customer service – I’ve never encountered such service from any other health care provider."

- Jon I.

"The entire staff at Smile On Dental Studio takes time to explain in detail what your needs and options are. I was in need of extensive work and each staff member throughout each phase of treatment made me feel comfortable and anxiety-free. I have, and will continue, to recommend Smile On Dental Studio to friends and family. I am now smiling for the first time in many years."

- Brigid D.

"I have never been a fan of the dentist — to put it mildly, but Smile On Dental Studio has worked with my phobia and made me feel comfortable, kept me fully informed of all of my options and explained in detail the options available to me for treatment. I fully intend to continue to use them in the future and to recommend them to everyone I know."

- Sam S.

"Best dentist office I have ever been to. The staff is extremely friendly. The atmosphere is very comfortable and welcoming. Dr. Hill explains everything clearly – I love him and I love this place!"

- Brittany J.

"Dental visits are anxious for me. Sedation was a small miracle – to have so much work done without any hardship for me. Dr. Hill is a gentle dentist. Derrick was ever upbeat and comforting. Great experience."

- Dolores P.

"I really appreciate Dr. Hill’s (and his whole team’s) thoroughness, attention to detail, unhurried atmosphere, and friendly, informative patient interaction. What won me over initially was the patience and care shown to my 4 year old. He was really given space to warm up to the new environment, read a book about going to the dentist, etc. As a bonus, your office is state-of-the-art and has a stylish, open aesthetic."

- Todd R.

"Very modern office and equipment with a friendly but professional atmosphere. I appreciated the use of technology to enhance my overall experience and understanding. I didn’t feel the anxiety found in some medical environments, thus it ended up being a pleasant experience. The information communicated before, during and after my appointments was very beneficial. Thanks"

- Greg B.

"The staff is fantastic as is Chris, All of the staff were very friendly and I had a pleasant experience! Thank you"

- Mallory S.

"This was the best dental experience I’ve ever had. I would absolutely recommend others."

- Erica V.

"Dr. Hill, Derrick and the rest of the Team are an awesome group of people! I trusted them every step of the way. That was because their actions were so professional, but caring and supportive at the same time. They were so consistent in their beautiful and kind behavior, each and every time I went into that office. I “Thank them all” for holding my hands on this Journey. They even allowed me to share some personal information with them. They were “SO” compassionate and made me feel really important, and that I actually mattered to them!"

- Geri N.

"I came to Smile On Dental Studio concerned about the wear on my teeth and also because I had neglected my dental health. Dr. Hill and team fixed all the problems with cavities, crowns, etc and got my mouth healthy again. Dr. Hill discussed with me the ability to treat the wear on my teeth by changing my bite. He explained that the wear was caused by my teeth not fitting together right. Before receiving treatment with Smile On Dental Studio, I had horrible head, neck and shoulder pain frequently.   I thought this was something I simply had to live with. My treatment with Dr. Hill began with an appliance fitted to my lower teeth while they changed my bite. Once they fixed my symptoms, they then re-did my whole smile. I now not only have almost zero pain, I have a smile that is better than I could have predicted."

- John S.

"I cannot say enough good things about Smile On Dental Studio! I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about the experience. I never have to wait to be seen, if your appointment is at a certain time, you will be seen right on time. They send you so many reminders about your appointments in case you are a person who has a hard time keeping up with things like that. Furthermore, the dentist is amazing, friendly and personable along with all of his staff. This place is amazing! I recommend them to literally everyone I know and always feel like money spent here is well worth it. I actually look forward to going to the dentist now which is something I thought I would never say. I will stay with Smile On Dental Studio as long as they are in business and hopefully I never have to move because I don’t think I will ever find a better place :). If you are looking for a great experience, come to Smile On Dental Studio, I promise you will not be disappointed!"

- Ashley H.

"I visited Dr. Hill and Smile On Dental Studio for my regular dental care. However, during my visit with them for a simple cleaning, they explored questions about jaw tension I had been experiencing. For 5 years before visiting Dr. Hill, I had experienced unexplained tingling in my arms, numbness in my hands and other odd symptoms, including my lip twitching. I never suspected these were problems I should see a DENTIST for! Dr. Hill and Sarah reviewed with me how my bite may be causing these issues and we discussed treatment with a removable plastic appliance. I began treatment for this in October of 2013. After two months in an orthotic with minimal adjustments, my symptoms were nearly gone. Huge decrease! Now, one year after treatment, my pain, tingling and twitching are virtually gone! Dr. Hill and his amazing team have changed my life in a way I didn’t even know was possible.   Thank you Smile On Dental Studio!"

- Cathy B.

"I was impressed by how thorough the exam was – I’ve never had a dental team spend that much time on my mouth, and they were very good about explaining everything they were doing. I would – and have – definitely recommend Smile On Dental Studio!"

- Marjorie J.

"This is probably the most amazingly caring and genuine staff I have ever encountered at a dental office. Even though going to the dentist is a real 'pain' they really try to make it 'painless'! Everyone was very professional and pleasant."

- Orrin D.

"Your attention to every detail made my first visit to your office one I want to tell everyone about! Your use of technology and your attention to client convenience was impressive. Kelli made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in and Brenda gave me more information about dental hygiene than I’ve gotten before from any dentist’s office. Thanks for a great experience!"

- Roger P.

"After moving to Saint Louis from a different city, I tried three different dentists before finding Dr. Hill. Not only was I able to schedule a last minute emergency visit because of a broken front tooth (he saw me and fixed it the next morning!), the tooth looked better than ever. I recently had veneers put on my ten front teeth, and they look amazing – nobody would know they weren’t my real teeth. Dr. Hill’s cosmetic skill is complemented by the nicest staff I have ever met. Everyone works to make sure that you have a comfortable experience; it almost feels like you are visiting family. I highly recommend Smile On Dental Studio!"

- Stella J.