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What Type of Dental Implant is Best for You?

Are you missing one or multiple teeth? Or are you looking to replace those old dentures with a full set of new teeth? Look no further. The best tooth replacement option is dental implants. It’s not uncommon to have a {{{{link id='55367' text='tooth knocked out or to lose a tooth due [...]

Missing Teeth Don’t Just Affect Your Confidence

So, you lost a tooth. Maybe you’ve even lost a couple in the past few years. After the initial upset, you quickly rebounded, thinking, my devilish good looks could use at least one small fault. Well, we have bad news for you -- your missing teeth don’t just affect your confidence, nor [...]

Renew Your Smile with Tooth Replacement

Losing teeth holds us back in more ways than we think. First, there’s the gap in your smile that can make you feel self-conscious. Gaps in your smile also allow others to make false assumptions about your cleanliness. Additionally, missing teeth make it difficult to chew and eat. With limited food choices (due to limited [...]

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