If you feel unhappy with the appearance of your tooth, we have a solution for you. Teeth that are discolored, decayed, chipped, or cracked may have further problems than just cosmetic. If your teeth are sensitive to pressure or temperature changes or hurt when you chew, you might think extraction is in your future. Not necessarily. With dental crowns, Dr. Chris Hill in St. Louis can help you restore the function and aesthetics of your teeth with this simple procedure. You don’t have to worry about extracting your tooth and opting for a replacement. Dental crowns are the perfect solution to restore beauty, comfort, and function back to your smile.

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Problems Dental Problems Can Help

In most cases, dental crowns are used for a restorative reason although they are also helpful for aesthetics. Some of the most common situations they are used for include:

  • Failure of large fillings
  • Cracked teeth
  • Tooth protection after a root canal
  • Heavily decayed teeth
  • Cosmetic reasons when veneers aren’t enough
  • Supporting a dental bridge
  • Tooth replacement with dental implants
When you have only a small amount of tooth decay in your mouth, a simple dental filling is generally used to restore your tooth. Porcelain onlays are used to restore the structural support of the tooth if there’s a moderate amount of damage. In some cases, if the tooth is too damaged, a dental crown is needed to better support the structure and protect the tooth.

In some cases, tooth damage may cause a large filling to fail. Large fillings usually fail because tooth decay has developed around the filling. If there is already a large filling there, the decay makes the area too large to replace with an additional filling. Instead, your dentist will provide you with a dental crown.

Occasionally, teeth may have large cracks or trauma that has caused a significant amount of physical damage. When a serious crack occurs, a root canal usually takes place to protect your tooth from infection. After a root canal, Dr. Chris Hill places a dental crown on top of your tooth to restore its function and to protect it from further damage.

Not only are dental crowns used to restore the function and strength of your teeth, but also their appearance. In some cases, porcelain veneers aren’t good enough cosmetic treatment to handle all situations. Dental crowns can improve the appearance of your smile by reshaping and concealing an unattractive tooth. In some cases, a patient may require something stronger to restore their tooth’s aesthetics.

Lastly, dental crowns help replace teeth when used with dental bridges or dental implants. Crowns over your natural teeth can support a bridge. To top an implant, Dr. Chris Hill can create a dental crown that resembles your old natural tooth so your smile looks great!

Porcelain Dental Crowns

dental crowns after

dental crowns before

In the past, metal dental crowns were the norm. Steering away from metal restorations, Smile On Dental Studio is now proud to offer full porcelain dental crowns for our patients. Porcelain dental crowns are more attractive because they look completely natural. In addition, they contain no mercury. (Can you keep a secret? Most “porcelain” crowns aren’t made with porcelain, but with advanced ceramics that are stronger than tooth enamel!)

Before we provide you with a dental crown, we like to take neuromuscular dentistry into consideration. This field of dentistry invites us to analyze your bite to see if it’s functioning properly. If necessary, we will give you an alternative treatment to fix your bite before we provide you with a dental crown. Once your bite is fixed, you never have to worry about damaging your dental crown or other teeth again.

Enjoy a beautiful and natural-looking smile with help from porcelain dental crowns at Smile On Dental Studio. To find out if dental crowns are the right treatment option for you, please call (314) 678-7876 today for an appointment with Dr. Chris Hill.