Why Not Metal Restorations?

Although the FDA has deemed dental amalgam a safe dental practice, many people are still cautious about having traces of mercury in their mouths. Mercury is a common ingredient in amalgam because it makes the filling more pliable. It makes it easier to press the filling into the tooth and also harden quickly. With mercury found in fish, water, air and other areas of life, people think adding extra mercury into their mouth can lead to harmful effects. Mercury can cause symptoms like irritability, memory loss, anxiety, headaches, and fatigue.

Although the FDA deemed mercury fillings safe, there are other reasons why we choose not to give our patients these types of fillings and restorations. To start, amalgam fillings and restorations do not respond well to hot and cold temperatures. When you drink something cold, the restoration shrinks much faster than your tooth, leaving an empty space in your mouth which can lead to increase sensitivity. Amalgam restorations have the opposite effect with hot temperatures. When you drink something hot, the amalgam filling expands, much faster than your tooth and can result in cracks in your teeth.

The last reason we choose not to give amalgam fillings and restorations is that they don’t look natural. We want our patients to have healthy beautiful smiles and unfortunately, amalgam fillings don’t look too natural.

Mercury-Free Fillings and Restorations

At Smile On Dental Studio, we offer a full range of mercury-free fillings and dental restorations. For filling cavities, we use a composite tooth-colored material to fill your teeth. Composite materials help you maintain a natural appearance while also restoring the strength and functionality back to your tooth. You also don’t have to worry about your filling responding badly to heat or cold.

If you need a dental crown, inlay or onlay, we also offer full-ceramic restorations. We can repair your teeth with a mercury-free restoration that blends in perfectly with your natural teeth. Your smile will look amazing and function even better than before. Mercury-free restorations also help your teeth maintain their strength to protect you from further damage, decay, and bacteria.

If mercury-free fillings and restorations sound like a good option for you, don’t hesitate to contact our dental office to schedule an appointment. Dr. Hill is delighted to meet with you. Please call Smile on Dental Studio in Richmond Heights, MO at (314) 678-7876 or email us to schedule an appointment or to ask us any questions.