Benefits of Six Month Smiles

  • Fast Results
  • Completely Invisible treatment
  • Works perfectly for crooked, crowded and gapped teeth
  • Helps you regain confidence in your smile
  • Less time spent at the dentist’s office

In the past, patients had to choose between metal braces, Invisalign, porcelain veneers, or other cosmetic treatments to perfect their smile. Today, they have the option to choose Six Month Smiles to perfect their smile in a short amount of time.

Six Month Smiles fast adult braces offer an affordable, effective, and easy treatment alternative to traditional orthodontics and porcelain veneers in most cases. Achieve remarkable results in just 6 months.

In as little as 6 months, patients will achieve newfound confidence with their new smile. You never have to feel self-conscious about your smile again. The sooner you start your treatment, the sooner you will have the perfect smile.

Woman with great smile from Six Month Smiles

How Six Month Smiles Works

Six Month Smiles works smarter, not harder. The treatment was created when designers realized that people really only care about what their smile looked like, not whether teeth that couldn’t be seen were straight. With this idea in mind, Six Month Smiles was created. Few people need to have their back teeth moved, but these teeth are slow (and painful) to move. By moving only the visible teeth, treatment times are cut in half. Six Month Smiles is the perfect orthodontic solution for patients who want braces for cosmetic reasons.

To create your Six Month Smiles treatment, we use computerized technology to design your treatment. After taking impressions and pictures of your smile, we use technology to determine the optimal paths for tooth movement to simplify the speed of the treatment. We use wires and brackets to allow the most precise control of tooth movement. Technology and technique combine to create a fast orthodontic treatment that allows patients to achieve results in just six months.

Six Month Smiles also cuts down on the time you will spend in the dental office. Since this treatment is short, it requires fewer visits for tightening the braces. You will, therefore, spend less time in our office and more time enjoying life.

Experience Better Orthodontics in St. Louis

If you would prefer to have an orthodontic treatment that is specifically geared towards perfecting your smile, Six Month Smiles might be the perfect option for you. Dr. Chris Hill utilizes cosmetic dentistry with the power of braces to give you a fast and effective orthodontic treatment.

Studies have shown that healthy and attractive smiles can boost your self-confidence. Better self-confidence can help you in all aspects of your life. Make a better first impression, and feel better about yourself. Most adults aged 15 and older are great candidates for Six Month Smiles.

For more information about Six Month Smiles or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chris Hill, please call (314) 678-7876 or email us today.

What if we told you that we could complete orthodontic treatment in just 6 months? Visit Smile On Dental Studio orthodontics in Richmond Heights, MO to find out if Six Months Smiles is the right orthodontic option for you.