This patient wanted a straighter, whiter smile. She had slightly crooked teeth, some visible wear on her teeth, and tooth discoloration that made her wish for a better smile.

The Consultation

closeup of teeth After treatment for crooked smileShe submitted photos for a virtual consultation. Dr. Chris Hill sent her back a video describing her treatment options, including the price of each option. Together they decided on a plan: 10 veneers on her top teeth. These would straighten her teeth and cover the discoloration. Dr. Hill used Smile Test Drive to show her what the results of her procedure would look like. She loved it and decided to go forward with treatment.

Dr. Hill says, “Having a smile that you truly love gives you all the confidence in the world!” and notes that because of the durability of veneers, this patient will enjoy her beautiful results for years to come.

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Smile Before
Smile After treatment

Treatment Outcome

The result is a gorgeous smile: teeth that are straight and bright white. She’s been ecstatic since day one.