photo collage of patient's smile before and after treatmentJeff was initially unhappy with his smile. He had tooth discoloration, an uneven smile, and minor tooth decay. He wanted his smile to be healthier, and he wanted his smile to be brighter and whiter, one that would give him confidence every time he smiled. 

Jeff’s treatment began with a Free Virtual Consultation. He and Dr. Chris Hill discussed his current smile and his treatment options. Jeff went forward with porcelain veneers, so he entered the Smile On Dental Studio office. We took scans of his teeth to design the new smile utilizing a 3D Smile Design. This let Jeff see what his final smile would look like before he committed to the procedure. When he was happy with the design, we removed decay from his teeth and prepared them to receive veneers. He wore temporary veneers until the permanent ones were ready, which took three weeks. Then, we seated the permanent veneers so he could evaluate them. He loved their look, so we bonded them to his teeth. 

Jeff’s results are a new, beautiful, healthy smile. His teeth are a bright, uniform white. They are also even and free of decay and other damage. 

Dr. Hill is happy with the results. He said, “I really loved the change that we saw in our patient. Not only did he seem to smile bigger, he just had more confidence.” Jeff agrees, “I love my new smile. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t do this sooner!”